Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Free 6 Month Membership to Jet

The creator of diapers, soap, and yoyo (.com) will be launching a new site in February and currently are offering up free 6 month memberships if you join prior to the February launch!
The site will be similar to Amazon and Prime, but they are promising profit free pricing (profits will come from membership and not from products, keeping prices low) and the articles we've read are saying they'll beat all others in online pricing! 

The free 6 month membership will score you FREE shipping and we're hoping some super deals on diapers, grocery, toys, clothing and more! Sign up before Friday, Feb 6th, 2015 (11:59 am EST) to get a free six month membership to Jet, and by doing so, my Jet Insider rank will improve also!

Free Valentine's Day eBooks for Children

I Love You!

Spot the difference - Love and Valentine's

104 Funny Valentine Day Knock Knock Jokes 4 kids: (Joke Book for Kids) (Series 5) (The Joke Book for Kids)

Valentine's Flower for My Friends: A Valentine's Picture Book for Young Children

Children Books: Valentine's Day Stories for Kids BOOK BUNDLE ~ 4 BOOKS IN 1: Cute Valentine's Day Stories for Kids, Fun Activities, and Jokes for Kids!

All above Kindle ebooks are currently free to download (at post time) from Amazon. A Kindle is not required, simply download a free reading app. to your phone, PC, tablet, IPhone etc. here-> - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Today only, Janie and Jack is offering free shipping on all orders!

 Today only, Janie and Jack is offering free shipping on all orders!  

HUGE Selection of Party Favors 70% off or More!

Please note many are add-on items for orders $25 or more from Amazon.

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Baseball and Football Trading Cards 77% off or More

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