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PeeWee Pig Pillow Pets - Pink (11"), $5.45

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Ns Peewee Penguin, $6.37

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Greener Ways to Give Gifts (No Wrapping Paper!)

1. Use old maps. I don't know about you, but I love maps! Receiving a gift wrapped in a map would make me smile! You can also use a gift box, and then decorate the box with map cut outs. See how here.

2. Roll it up in a reusable shopping bag! If you find a cute enough bag, it doubles as another gift. Plus, it helps the recipient go green, too! See some cute reusable bags for just $0.63 here.

3. Give jewelry or other little trinkets in a fun and creative way by getting a wooden jewelry box, decorating it, and placing the jewelry inside. Or, buy the jewelry box as a gift and give the painting/craft supplies so they can paint their own! See several fun jewelry pieces for under a $1 here.

4. Do you have a stack of old magazines sitting around, collecting dust? Glue or tape a bunch of pages together to make a big sheet (like a roll of wrapping paper).

5. Wrap it in a baby blanket, and secure it with ribbon. Again, this doubles as another gift!

6. Use old calendars - the calendar may be outdated but that doesn't mean the photos are. Wrap small gifts in one sheet, or tape a few sheets together to wrap bigger gifts.

7. Paper grocery bags make good gift bags, especially if you get creative and decorate them! Try using markers, stamps, or even ribbon or tape!

8. Instead of wrapping several gifts, put together a gift basket. This extensive list of DIY Gift Basket Ideas will get you started.

9. In the same way that you can use maps and calendars, you can also use old newspapers! Save the comics, those are the most fun!

10. Furoshiki! If you haven't tried it yet, now's the time. Basically, you're using a square cloth to wrap the gift... but in a really cool way! You can make your own hand-stamped fabric, which again doubles as an extra gift! Check out the Furoshiki website for tutorials. Find several pretty scarves from $1.99 for wrapping here.

11. Add pasta. No, really. Use a plain white box, and wrap it up with ribbon. Instead of tying a bow, tie or glue on a piece of bowtie pasta. Cute, right? :)

12. Use a gift bag that you received a gift in. Regifting gift bags isn't really regifting, I promise! Then, add your own personalized gift tag on a paint chip card.

13. Do you have a bunch of old piano books collecting dust in the attic? Or perhaps you used to play guitar and you have some sheet music leftover. Sheet music is a great way to gift wrap!

14. Make your own gift bag out of paper, or even out of used wrapping paper!

15. Cereal boxes. Ohhh yeah. We all have lots of cereal boxes! Use this tutorial to create a gift box out of a cereal box.

16. Grab a few cupcake liners and turn them into Gift Box Toppers with Martha Stewart.

17. Love origami? Make your own Origami Gift Boxes!

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Giving gifts without wrapping paper just takes a little creativity!

Share some of yours with us... how do YOU give gifts?

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