Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bendable Children's Watches, $3.99 (Free Shipping Included)

Bendable Children's Watches, $3.99 with free shipping included. 8 styles to pick from. See the fun selection from Amazon here-

Hairbows and Headbands from $0.47 Shipped

Qandsweet Baby Girl Elastic Hair Hoops Headbands (6pack) (6 Colors Hair Hoops)
$8.99 ($1.50 shipping) $1.75 each shipped


QS® Baby Girl's Headbands with Chiffon Flower Petal (Pack of 10)
$6.33 (free shipping) $0.63 each shipped

Hipgirl Boutique Girls 12pc 3.5"-4" Wide Boutique Hair Bow Clips, Barrettes.
$9.99 (free shipping with Prime) $0.83

Qandsweet Baby Girl's Elastic Headbands DIY Hair Bands (16pack)
$5.98 ($1.50 shipping) $0.47 each shipped


Qandsweet Baby Girl's Elastic Headbands Hair Bows Flower (12 Pack)
$11.99 ($1.50 shipping) $1.12 each shipped