Thursday, October 9, 2014

63% off Flashlight Friends, 50% off Stompeez, 63% off Flipeez Hats

63% off Dragon, $7.49
50% off  Unicorn, $9.99
45% off Puppy, $10.49

Shipping will be free with prime or if you're not a Prime customer look on the sidebar for some great prices- for example I'm seeing the Dragon for just $1 with an additional $6.49 shipping which gives you the Prime price! See them from Amazon here!

50% off Stompeez Children's Unusual Unicorn Slipper Purple- (Small)  $9.99
50% off Stompeez Growling Dragon (Small) Flipeez - Kitty $9.99

There are several sizes and we're also seeing these with great prices for those of you who do not have Amazon Prime (look on the sidebar through the above links).

63% off Flipeez - Kitty hat is just $7.99 with free shipping included (again look at the sidebar here). There are several other styles as well, all a bit different in pricing!

and a few more....

53% off Pillow Pets Pillow, Zebra Glow Pet, 17-Inch$14.75

See many more Pillow pets up to 70% off

and for Frozen fans....

68% off Disney Frozen Olaf Cuddle Pillow $15.96 (see this price on the sidebar here.)
Please note prices are current at post time and do change frequently! :)

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