Friday, September 26, 2014

61% off Pop-In-Kins Elf Fun with Christopher Bookset $11.75

61% off Pop-In-Kins Elf Fun with Christopher Bookset $11.75

Bookset includes a pose-able Christopher Pop-In-Kins Character Figure, a book and a storage case.

Uh-oh, Santa's got a lookout...and your family has a charming new holiday tradition! Christopher Pop-in-Kins is Santa's secret agent elf, popping up everywhere and reporting back to Santa. Read the heartwarming story together, then enjoy the fun as Chrisopher "magically" moves around your home. Kids will love tracking him down, from mantel to Christmas tree, always just out of reach. When kids know Christopher is watching, they'll be on their best behavior (we can hope)!

Find this fun Elf alternative from Amazon here!

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