Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fun Spring Jewelry- Many Just $0.95 W/ Free Shipping

Camellia Flower Pendant Short Style Necklace Suitable $1.95 shipped

Bronze Eiffel Tower Pendant Leather Chain  $0.95 shipped

Retro Flying Bird Pearl Necklace $0.95 shipped

Retro Rhinestone Turtle necklace w/ Chain $0.95 shipped

 Drop Bib Statement Stone Necklaces in black, green or yellow,  $3.12 shipped

Retro Glazed Owl on Branch Necklace Pendant $1.59 shipped

Retro Chain Pendant Costume Jewelry Necklace $0.95 shipped

Bar Vertical Stripes Necklace - Blue&Pink $0.95 shipped

All above items ship through Amazon.

Please note prices are subject to change through the affiliate links above.

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