Friday, April 4, 2014

Super Simple I Spy Game


Easy, Peasy I SPY is a great activity to keep in your bag or in the car for those times that toddlers (and big kids) get antsy! This is so simple and easy to change depending on the current junk in your junk drawer.

You will need-

-Food coloring (completely optional)

Grab your clean, dry bottle and start pouring (I used a rolled up piece of mail as a funnel). Make sure to add the small items individually (so rice, penny, rice, paperclip...). I did color this rice with food coloring previously, but honestly my 4 year old could have cared less what color the rice was. Glue the top on (or duct tape if you want to reuse and change out the items in the future). If you want to get fancy you could make clue cards or even use a theme (all items start with letter Z for example). I am not that adventurous!

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