Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spring Scarves $1.99-$2.59 With Free Shipping!

 Chiffon Cat Prints Ladies /Women Long Scarf Black +eFuture's nice Keyring, $2.19 shipped

 Soft Chiffon Black Cat Prints +eFuture's nice Keyring, $2.19 shipped

Wine Red Fashion Polka Dot Scarf Wrap Women +eFuture's nice Keyring, $2.59 shipped

 Charming Black Polka Dot Scarf Wrap Women Shawl-Beige, $2.59 Shipped

Soft Paris Long Shawl Scarf Wraps With Flower Pattern-Orange, $1.99 shipped

Black Flower Pattern Long scarf +eFuture's nice Keyring, $2.19 shipped (also pictured above).

All above items ship through Amazon. Please note prices are subject to change and affiliate links are included!

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