Thursday, October 10, 2013

Free Minecraft eBooks

Let me start out with stating I have no idea what Minecraft is?! According to my kiddo its all the talk at school (besides Rainbow Looms), you may find these useful for the teen reader to enjoy.
Thanks to we have a list of free Minecraft books available on Kindle currently (at post time, prices can change at any time).
Minecraft: Top 30 Resource Packs
Amazing Minecraft Secrets You Never Knew About
Ultimate Modding Guide for Minecraft: Top 30 Best Minecraft Mods + Instructions
Minecraft: Amazing Redstone Devices
Awesome Minecraft Enchanting Guide
Making Your First House in Minecraft + Adding Awesome Decorations!
Amazing Minecraft Brewing Guide
50 Awesome Minecraft Furniture Ideas!
Minecraft: How to Build a House Step by Step
Awesome Minecraft Maps to Play With Friends!
Cool Contraptions For Minecraft: TNT Cannon, Landmines, Piston Doors, Cactus Farms and MORE! (with Step-By-Step Blueprints)
Awesome Minecraft Building Guide: All You Need To Know!
Minecraft Pocket Edition: The Ultimate Game Guide for Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition - Tips, Game Strategy and Walkthrough
The Ultimate Minecraft Guide to Tekkit: Discover the Advanced Mods for Minecraft!
Amazing Minecraft Skins: 50 of the Best Minecraft Skins for YOU!
Minecraft: 30 Amazing Minecraft Maps
Minecraft House Ideas: The Ultimate Minecraft House Ideas Guide Building the Minecraft House You Want!
Best Hacks and Secrets For Minecraft

A Kindle is not required to read these, download a free reading app. to your phone, tablet or computer from Amazon here.

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